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Future Research Interests


Life goes on as it never end (From: "Show me the meaning" by Herbert Crichlow, Martin Karl Sandberg).

So does the research. When at the verge of solving one puzzle, we find ourselves standing in the middle of ocean of many more.

Following (and will keep updating) are some of the themes I wish to understand:

  • Temperature-Dependence of differential emission measure during flares
  • Modelling radiative cooling and generalization of Neupert effect
  • Role of filament and conduction in producing precursor phase emission
  • Precursor phase in the space-weather perspective

Further to this, during my PhD tenure, I have also installed a full-disk solar H-alpha telescope. Instrumentation requires accurate knowledge and thus amazes me a lot. I wish to work more on instrumentation in future, specially spectrographs.


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